Earlier this week I was ranting about fashion and being jaded.  Well yesterday I encountered the complete opposite end of the spectrum as I joined Lachlan (Studio Roam) and Mark Eley (Eley Kishimoto) on the selection panel for Heriot Watt's degree students catwalk show.  The place was awash with young bucks, keen as mustard.  Did make me feel a tad cynical.  Their enthusiasm though was infectious and I soon got caught up in all the ditsy etched neon neoprene, oversized Day-Glo peasant smocks and structured PVC (mind where you put that fag).   It was fantastic stuff and the students should be very proud of what they have achieved and very confident and bolshie with regards their futures.  Couple of really funny moments.  One girl when asked what flavour music she had chosen for her show remained completely silent whilst pulling a strange face and extending her arms straight up in the air in what must be some new form of gesticulative musical genre shape.  Probably de rigueur amongst all the young uns.  There was also the classic seam split.  This revealed itself when the models were asked to turn and face the wall so we could get a rear view.  And a rear view we indeed did get. 

This reminded me of a story my mum told me about the 60’s singer PJ Proby.  She had been to see him in Cowdenbeath (where we make our clothes) and PJ’s star was in the ascendency until one day he split his trousers on stage.  She said that was it, he was finished after that, his career never recovering - a case of the uncool banana slip slapstick of it and the 60’s moral stassi.  Pleased to say I can’t see such issues affecting the wee star in yesterday’s episode.  Nothing a couple of stitches can’t fix.


The above pic is also from the super talented students at Heriot Watt in Galashiels and part of a recent project with Jaggy Nettle, more on that later...
Fraser Moodie on the styling and Nadia Ferguson on modeling duties.

Tune for the day, well it's gotta be PJ.  This takes me right back to Sunday afternoons as a kid back in Lochgelly, my mum and dad filling the house with their 45's; Drifters, Four Tops, Gene Pitney, Del Shannon, The Shirrels, Dusty Springfield, Helen Shapiro, Jackie Wilson and of course.....


29 March 2013

This fashion thing ain't always easy when you hate fashion.  I think its very easy to hate fashion and I think if your not entirely sure if you hate fashion there are plenty of fashion editors out there that will help make up your mind for ya.  Fashion ain’t stuff anymore, it’s a sickly editorial effluence spilling over peoples sartorial psyche, instructing them in colour, symbol and shape.  I have to admit to keeling over on occasion mid sentence, particularly when partaking in a squint at what the ediorial teams at the big Sunday papers get up to in print.   I’m not for naming names but there’s a couple of weekly features where they take the 'look', slap it on the ‘staff’ and surely kill the new trend stone dead in the process?  It’s got to. They shatter the fashion myth every Sunday – when an educated, relatively slim and pretty fashion pro can butcher five grand’s worth of gear every 7 days just through the act of putting it on…. Game over.


Le Suicidé - Edouard Manet

Recent developments in X ray technology reveals that the protagonist probably died on a Sunday.

So, rattled after perversely allowing myself to run the gauntlet of today’s style supplements, we’ve decided to go on holiday.  This will take place in two weeks time.  Jaggy Nettle shipments may be affected during this time but we will notify all customers of any issues in advance of any issues becoming issues.  Another thing we have decided to do is to buy business premises.  Give Jaggy Nettle the place and space it now longs for, a two hundred year old, former textile mill, set over two floors deep in the Scottish Borders.  This will form the basis of our new studios, showroom and print studio.  This is something we have decided – in the face of stiff fiscal belligerence from the bank and various other financial institutions – to fund ourselves.  Hence the:

Capital Sale

Every day for the next ten days we will be offering up Jaggy Nettle products at vastly reduced sums to our signed up members.  Cutting to the chase we bring you....

Our new 'Shrine' ankle boot.  Signature 158C calf skin lining, vegetable tanned English leather and guntooth check Harris Tweed upper, YKK side zip and leather soles.  Half price for next 48 hours only - these are killer, probably one of my favourite products to date.  Been road testing these since Berlin and Milan fashion weeks last year - thats a good 13 months of daily solid wear and they are just getting better looking, sole and heel standing up great, everything wearing and working as it should.  Hit the shoe to go shopping, your 48 hour discount code is SHRINE.

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Sunday Bloody Sundays - and a brief preview of some of the benefits bestowed on signed up members

24 March 2013


our new Manchester stockist.....

John Rogers and his team have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and we are really looking forward to working with them.  They are busy gearing up to open their new boutique on Manchesters salubrious King Street, rubbing shoulders with Hermes and Crombie, two of our favourite labels.  I'll leave it up to the man at the helm to tell it like it is:

Things men have made with wakened hands, and put soft life into

are awake through years with transferred touch, and go on glowing

for long years.

And for this reason, some old things are lovely

warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them

(Things Men Have Made, D.H. Lawrence. 1929)

That sums it all up really. Lissom & Muster sells things made to last and have a life; things fit for purpose, whose form follows function; products which have evolved through need, rather than through a ceaseless cycle of seasonal design.  We source and commission skilfully crafted clothing, footwear and accessories made for, of, from and in Britain (and sometimes from other places geographically and culturally close to home, like Sweden). It’s a rich tradition to draw upon – our fabrics and craft skills evolved out of the necessity to provide products that did a job – often in testing conditions. Whether for riding horses, going to sea or working in the hills –  the garments and skills which have evolved, reflect the possibilities that nature, culture and geography provided. Shetland knitwear, waxed cotton, leather boots, tweed – they all were superb technology before they were ‘on trend’. And they were built to give many years of service and to improve with age. Now, we can make things much more quickly and cheaply in various ways, but these garments and skills are every bit as relevant and satisfying today. There’s something more to products made with hand, eye, head and heart combined.  And in our view the end product is only ever as worthwhile as its story allows it to be.  As Eric Gill said: ‘A thing fit for its purpose is necessarily pleasant to use and also beautiful...  if you look after goodness and truth, beauty will take care of itself’. 

Lissom & Muster will open a new shop in the heart of Manchester this Autumn. They will sell skilfully crafted boots and shoes made in Northamptonshire; handframe knitwear from Shetland and Wales, British made luggage and leathergoods by Cherchbi; Lavenham jackets from Suffolk; Silk ties from Sudbury; silk pocket squares and scarves from Macclesfield; socks by Corgi; bespoke shirting made in Manchester; Fjallraven outerwear; natural rubber wellies from Sweden and Denmark; Abbeyhorn of Lancashire horn and antlerware; rare breed rugs and throws made in Cornwall; The White Briefs underwear from Sweden; a range of finest shoe and leathercare products; carefully selected, artisanal equestrian and outdoor wear garments and, of course, they’ll stock Jaggy Nettle.


27 September 2011

Jaggy Nettle Catwalk show tomorrow evening, April 5th 2011.  Venue - The Hammerstein Ballroom,  311 West 34th Street, New York City.

Available to buy via pop up shop till April 10th.  Location - 939 Madison Avenue, directly adjacent to the Whitney Museum.

Jaggy Nettle in New York - Pop-up shop and catwalk

04 April 2011

Lauren Tempany in Jaggy Nettle ‘Play’ jumper at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

19 October 2010

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