It’s about designing and refining a silhouette to perfection.
It’s not about seasonality or trends.
It’s about making the best jeans in the world.
It’s about Scottish Cashmere.
And Tweed.
And print.
It’s not about half V’s or tapered trousers.
Or beards.
Its about bespoke, hand made, heritage, 100%, tradition, ltd edition, Made in UK, Made in Japan, pure, hand stitched, hand signed, hand numbered.
Not about 40,000 of this and 70,000 of that at 80p a unit.
£28.99 retail on the High Street the following Wednesday.
Not about that. Super clones.
Not about morphing into a country gent over night.
It’s about perspective.
About keeping your head up.
Its not about what it’s about.
It’s about what it is.


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